It all began in 1992..The club started out in a small basement in the old military facilities in Hägernäs/Täby called F2. The club was named MOZES TWINS MC.

During 1993 more members joined the club and Mozes Twins MC became a front patch club. We outgrew the place, and in 1994 we relocated to a bigger club house in the same area. At this time we decided to go all in, and became a full color back patch motorcycle club. Time went on and some roster changes were made in the member line up. Some left but even more joined.

In 2002 we had to move again. Our old clubhouse was to be torn down to make place for houses and flats. We moved to Täby Kyrkby and are still there today.

After a couple of years the club entered a new phase. Babies were conceived, houses were constructed and other family matters were on the agenda. Lucky enough not everybody was occupied with this at the same time. 

After some time the family guys began to come back more frequently again, some new members joined and the club was back in full power again.

Parties, biker meets, runs, cruises etc. were executed back to back. The club turned 15 years old and is at this time a well oiled machine.

In late 2009 discussions started with long time friends and hell raisers No Name Mc Sweden. After several meetings the clubs agreed on that Mozes Twins MC was going to have Friendship status with NNMC as of early 2010.

In august 2010 Mozes Twins MC was buried and we became 
prospects in No Name MC Sweden.

Mozes Twins MC was an experienced teenager laid to rest (1992-2010 R.I.P)

In august 2011 we became full color members in No Name MC Sweden. In February 2012 We became our own chapter. No Name MC Sweden Stockholm 

Respect All Fear None!

To be continued….