History of No Name MC Sweden

Our club started in early fall 1989 by five guys who had customised and chopped motorcycles as their biggest interest. The bikes were Harleys and Triumphs. At first we had a small clubhouse in Löt outside Strängnäs. Since then some new members have joined and some others have left. The club has also changed location in Strängnäs four times over the years.

The years went by and we heard that there were No Name MC in Denmark and Germany too. So there were three No Name clubs from three countries and none of them had anything to do with each other. One day we met some Germans at Eskil MC:s winterparty. We started to send and receive christmas-cards and party-invitations between the clubs.

In 1995 three of us went to No Name MC Germanys 10:years party and later that year, on our Halloweenparty, we were visited by some guys from No Name MC Denmark. The three clubs has since then become very good friends. In 1997 the clubs got into a real friendship as the Danish guys invited us and the Germans to a big friendshipparty. and when we in Sweden had our 10:yearsparty in 1999 the clubs finally had the same colors.

In the late fall of 2001 our old friends in the club Metal Hogs MC Mariefred joined the brotherhood of No Name MC as a fullcolor chapter and became No Name MC Mariefred Sweden 28/2 2004. No Name Mc Strengnäs and Mariefred joined forces and from that date the two chapters are No Name Mc Sweden. Every year the club invites to Tattooparty with proffesional tattooartists and lots of other activities. In the summertime No Name Mc invites to our summerparty. At the summerparty it is always very good bands, camping, games and a lot of fun. In the summer 2004 No Name Mc Sweden celebrated their 15:th anniversary. In the fall 2006 No Name Mc Sweden moved from the clubhouse in Sundby Park to the new bigger, better and nicer clubhouse in Malmby.

During 2010 we started up a discussion with our old friends in Mozes Twins MC who asked about the possibility to be a part of the No Name Family and in the end of 2011 we started up the Stockholm Chapter.
Time flies an things changes and in october 2018 it was the right time to start a new chapter in Nyköping.

For many year the Strengnäs Chapter have invited to Tattooparty with proffesional tattooartists and lots of other activities. Nowadays we have changed the concept and just call it a Winter Party.

In the summertime No Name Mc Sweden Strengnäs Chapter invites to our Summer Party and Run against Breast Cancer. At the Summer Party it is
always very good bands, camping, games and a lot of fun. We've also been inspired by friends in Finland and for the last couple of
years we also arrange a party for Panhead enthusiasts. We call it Panna Party.

No Name MC Sweden Strengnäs Chapter is the motherchapter of No Name MC Sweden. No Name Mc Sweden is a neutral Motorcycle Club with motorcycles and party’s as our biggest interests. No Name MC Sweden Strengnäs Chapter is a strictly Harley club since 1999.

To be continued...